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Testing server calls in generated HTML

Matteo Vaccari completes his article on testing template-generated HTML, by looking at how to use TDD with pages that make calls to the server. more… Source: martinfowler


is your point clear?

Have you ever found yourself staring at a graph or slide, wondering what the creator was trying to convey? Perhaps you’ve sat through a presentation, only to be left scratching…


Radar Trends to Watch: June 2024

May was a month of announcements: between Google, Apple, Microsoft, and OpenAI, there was much ado about—well, very little, in fact. It’s always seemed to me that big announcements steal…


Ask Copilot questions against your semantic model (Preview)

You can now ask Copilot for data from your semantic model! Check out the announcement to learn more about this exciting new preview feature for Power BI Copilot. Source: PowerBI


#SWDchallenge: make a funnel chart

Google image results for the keyword ‘funnel chart’ Funnel charts are used to visualize progressions. For example, you might be interested in communicating how many applicants for a particular job…


The general availability of Copilot for Power BI is rolling out starting today

Power BI Copilot general availability rollout blog Source: PowerBI


Wheel of Fortune analysis for the win

A Wheel of Fortune contestant employed strategies outlined in a NYT Upshot analysis and won in the bonus round: Last December, the Upshot published a guide to Wheel of Fortune…


What We Learned from a Year of Building with LLMs (Part II)

Read Part I of this series here and stay tuned for Part III.To hear directly from the authors on this topic, sign up for the upcoming virtual event on June 20th, and…


Simple tool for proportional area charts

There might be times when you want to visualize data with area, but want to use irregular shapes that aren’t strictly squares. This straightforward tool by Krisztina Szucs lets click-and-drag…


✚ Visualization Tools and Learning Resources, May 2024 Roundup

Welcome to The Process, the newsletter for FlowingData members that looks closer at how the charts get made. I’m Nathan Yau. Every month I collect useful visualization tools, datasets, and…