We foster an atmosphere of opportunity with fast-track advancement and a team environment that encourages associates to grow with the company. A job with IQSS offers you a unique opportunity to help our customers on leading-edge projects while growing your skills and progressing your career. If you would enjoy working in a dynamic environment and are looking for an opportunity to become part of a stellar team of professionals, we invite you to apply online today.


At IQSS, we have a culture of openness and responsiblity. We work hard, but we value work-life balance. We emphasise on cultural fit as much as we do on skills.


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    The Telephone Interview

    Across all of our teams, the interview process starts with one or two phone interviews. These calls last 30-45 minutes, with a focus on your prior experiences, domain knowledge and your interests. Engineering interviews tend to include technical questions about data structures, algorithms and software engineering.


    You could consider and adopt some of the points below to help you make a positive impression and, ultimately, succeed at this stage:

    • Find a place where you will not be interrupted, lay your CV/ any notes out in front of you so you can refer to them quickly if you need to.
    • Have a pen and paper in case you need to make a note of anything, such as the question being asked or something you think you might want to explore later.
    • Talk clearly and distinctly and think about your pace; if the interviewer is asking you to repeat yourself it might be because you are talking too fast.
    • Try to connect with the interviewer in some way to build rapport. Consider what you might have in common and draw on this to create a dialogue
    • Take time to consider your answer, if necessary, and make it clear to the interviewer that this is what you are doing, rather than just going silent.
    • Ask the interviewer to clarify what they are asking you if you are unsure or repeat the question back to them if you want confirmation – listening on the phone can be challenging and interviewers will be sensitive to this.
    • Answer the question that was asked and be careful not to go off the point. Support your answers with real-life examples that you have prepared from previous experience.
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    The Technical Interview

    During the coding interview, we look at the solution to evaluate the thought process, quality of code and your ability to apply the known while solving an new problem. The most important thing we look for is the ability to write clean and correct code. A lot of people will be interacting with your code during the life cycle of a project, so it must be readable, maintainable, and extensible.


    During the course of the technical interview we assess how well you are able to convert your thoughts into a great piece of code; how quickly you can identify any bugs in your own code and rectify them; and finally, how well optimized your code is for real world application.

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    The Face-to-Face Interview

    The face-to-face interview is your chance to talk about yourself, your past achievements, your experience and your expectations for the role. You therefore need to be  prepared to draw on your best examples, in detail, which demonstrate your capability and skills to deliver exceptional work. Once your technical skills are verified successfully, we may arrange a Project Manager interview you. At this stage of the process you may expect questions more related to your soft skills.


    Having positive feedback from the team, HR discuss your offer details. The job offer acceptance stage can be completed on the spot (if you are happy with the conditions offered) or can be continued for several days to give you enough time to make a clear decision and to find the answers for all your questions and concerns.

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    First day at IQSS

    To make your first day comfortable  the HR will contact you and provide you with all necessary information.  Precise instructions on the documents that may be required from you, how you should dress on the first day, who to contact and what to expect will be provided to you. We will also arrange an induction training.