Founded in the early 2000s, Atlas began as a company that helped anyone in any industry sell items they no longer used or wanted. While dental equipment wasn’t initially part of the plan, they have evolved to become the largest reseller of used dental equipment in the United States.

The Problem

The customer required a single solution for Buyers and Sellers to work seamlessly between eBay and Atlas systems.

The Solution

IQSS built a migration tool between eBay’s Blackthorne and Atlas Reseller management system. Migrating the item details from Blackthorn’s MSSQL database into ARMS’s MYSQL database. While migrating, only one image was being transferred to ARMS, while ARMS needed 3 image views of each product. We built this functionality in to the migration tool to ensure that every product will have 3 image views. ARMS application was further customized to ensure all necessary migrated data was available for a Buyer or Seller to view on a single page.