Online Reservation & Campaign Management

Vertical: Hospitality
Technologies: PHP/MySQL/Apache/Linux

Vacation Ownership website is an Online reservation and Online campaign management system for Chateau World. This application is being developed with the goal of increasing the leads to the website by tracking the user interests and targeting them with custom campaigns and vacation packages.

Some of the key success factors for the application involves:

  • Reduce the current cost per lead
  • Marketing programs that measure ROI in real time
  • Integrate the offline and online activities to maximize marketing expenditures across all channels and to support all campaigns deployed through different vehicles
  • Flexibility to change incentive programs in real time
  • Flexibility to create and deploy multiple campaigns in real time
  • One time cost resulting into multiple usage
  • Create a streamlined integrated online lead registration system allowing existing administrative staff to handle an increased number of leads
  • Increase the number of confirmed appointments that attend the sales meetings
  • Enhance the sales process by improving customer data and delivering value-add client intelligence that empowers sales and admin staff
  • Empower sales and customer support teams with well refined prospect list