As a leading global development partner for the automotive and engine industry, MAHLE offers unique systems competence in the internal combustion engine and engine peripherals. Almost all automobile and engine manufacturers around the world are customers of MAHLE. For more than 90 years, MAHLE has played a decisive role in promoting the development of automotive and engine technology, setting standards time and again.

The problem

In 2008 MAHLE was looking to move away from legacy system for Sabre-EHL, bearing analysis program. MAHLE was looking to re-engineer the project from VB6 to .Net. They were looking for a partner who could provide flexible and cost effective resource pool.

The solution

MAHLE turned to IQSS who were able to provide both the flexibility and cost effectiveness they were looking for.  Initially a team of senior developers was brought to the UK for knowledge transfer on Sabre-EHL. They worked on re-engineering the Sabre-EHL.  This was successfully completed within the specified time. With the success of Sabre-EHL, Sabre-M (Rapid analysis technic for rigid hydro dynamic bearings using the mobility method) was also re-engineered from VB6 to .Net by the same team. Later, EHL was again redesigned with new workflows. The same team is now part of ongoing maintenance of EHL and M.

The relationship

The relationship began as a trial to prove IQSS could deliver both locally and remotely.  The success of the first project meant that a long term relationship was built and IQSS have worked on multiple projects with MAHLE and have a dedicated team who are working on MAHLE project.

The technology

  • Dot Net 2010 frame work 4
  • XML for data storing
  • OS windows
  • Far Point (3rd party Control)
  • ForTran
  • Sentinel Pro (3rd party Control for Security System)
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 (Framework 4.0)
  • VB.NET
  • Windows XP,
  • Windows 7 (OS)
  • SP View (3rd party Control for Graphical Representation)
  • XML (for Data Storing)
  • VB 6.0


The client was able to move away from the legacy system and move on to more flexible technology which enhanced their output and add features which were not supported by VB6.