Started in 1995, MC Marketing Communications Inc. (“MCI”) is a growing Financial Services provider targeting the North American Financial Institutions market. Company focus is on developing and distributing innovative, value-added product and service solutions that increase retail banking customer service, loyalty and share of wallet. The company develops and distributes innovative, results-oriented products and services that increase retail customer loyalty and cross-selling opportunities.
Clients range from small institutions under $100 million to larger organizations with assets exceeding $1 billion. Our product roster is spearheaded by GO Figure, a web-based Financial Planning Resource Center that increases FI traffic, loyalty and cross-selling opportunities.

Business Situation

The requirement was to develop a complete ASP based financial resource center that provides detailed information about family budget, retirement planning, investments, mortgage and other aspects. The challenge was also to design and develop set of financial calculators and live planning interactivity such that it attracts more users.

IQSS Solution

We developed a cost-effective ASP based Financial Application. Utilizing the power of the Internet, customers can visit the web-based offering to perform in minutes, most of the tasks that would ordinarily require a trip to her financial consultant. And, because the application has the option of sharing the data with a financial consultant online and real-time, no additional staffing was needed for personalized customer assistance.
This is one-stop, ‘member interactive’, web-based content increases FI website traffic, loyalty and cross-selling opportunities. The application is a comprehensive hands-on online financial planning application to create a long-term financial plan and analyze the ramifications of financial decisions and varying economic conditions ahead. It completely models the financial future, year-by-year, with easy-to-use graphs and charts to show precisely what the effects that future decisions or economic conditions would have on the financial plan. The application is also maintained in multi-lingual form to cater to the different.


Go Figure – One stop Financial Resource center has become a proven, web-based, member-interactive tool that increases Financial Institutions website traffic, loyalty and cross-selling opportunities. The superior convenience of one-stop educational content, needs-identification calculators and live planning interactivity attracts more users more often as their first stop for ongoing financial needs.
The client has been able to provide subscriptions to various Credit Unions and Financial Institutions in UK and US. These Financial Institutions link to the Go Figure website from their respective sites to access different calculators and financial information.


Visual Basic 6 Web Classes, ASP, SQL Server 2000, Java script