Acumetric Global Solutions with offices in London and Mumbai is a leading Analytics company that provides HR Analytic-as-a-Service. They help companies leverage their business and employee data for insights to manage their employees, processes, risks and business outcomes effectively.

The problem

Acumetric Global Solutions was using a cloud based HR Analytical tool to cater to their clients. Many of the customers are apprehensive about putting their data on cloud due to security concerns, which demanded a tool to analyze HR organizational data to make strategic personnel decisions without loading data in cloud. Acumetric were looking for a world-class engineering team specialized in data analytics and could build a product to replace their current tool.

The solution

IQSS proposed a solution to address not only Acumetric’s current problem but also to develop a product which will become an asset for them. Based on the proposal, CRUX was conceptualized and built. The whole project life cycle involved Business Architecture, Analysis, Modeling, Information Architecture, Visual Design Concept, Detailed Software Design, Prototypes and Implementation. IQSS designed and developed the product such that it can be used as a Standalone application and also as a Server Client application.







The enhanced relationship

Following a successful completion of the product, we have specific teams working for the same client for Product Enhancement, Product Maintenance and Technical Support. 

The Technology

  • Groovy/Grails
  • Java 1.7
  • Mongo DB
  • R+JRI
  • BootStrap Themes, JQuery
  • D3.js, C3.js


Acumetric is able to provide HR Analytics-as-a-Service to their clients without compromising their client’s security policy of exposing data to cloud. Also Acumetric sells the product to corporates and individuals willing to put their hands to analyse their enterprise HR data.