The client works as landscape contractor for an irrigation System Company. He manages water controllers deployed across 15 to 20 different sites. Their work efficiency is completely dependent on how effectively he gets to know the status of various irrigation infrastructure elements within his sites. Problems such as broken sprinklers, slow leak, mainline breaks, electrical wire faults, power outages etc are some of key issues that need attention.

The problem

  • Create a more efficient, scalable way to store notifications data. The selected structure should support the upcoming projects described above. Either existing data must be converted to the new table structures or must allow backwards compatibility to existing data
  • Implement mechanisms to allow the sending of emails to not be constrained by having to send a single email before processing the next
  • Modularize the new code to make the application maintainable and extensible

The solution

IQSS identified the requirement of a Collaborative Messaging Solution (CMS) to enhance the capability of any Web based Irrigation system to address various challenges with respect to Proactive communication within irrigation support group, Customer relationship and Integration with third party messaging services.

CMS Features:

  1. By integrating CMS, Irrigation system enhances its capability to communicate through various communication mechanisms like email, SMS, web services, HTTP. CMS also provides an open ended framework to implement custom protocol
  2. In order to provide seamless integration with any client or application, CMS applies open standards like XML, web services, HTTP.

The relationship

The relationship began with building Collaborative Messaging Solution (CMS) to implement effective and scalable messaging requirements.

The Technology

  • XML, Custom formats, Web Services, HTTP, SMTP, SMS, Web Services, HTTP, SMTP, SMS
  • Communication protocols, Message Queuing, Message Transformation


It supports integration with any web based Irrigation system regardless of the underlying technology. With help of CMS, Automated Irrigation systems can implement effective and scalable messaging requirements.