The Problem

The client required a superior Order Monitoring and Trading System which perform critical trading activities for their traders.


IQSS developed a web based financial business solution that enables traders and their clients to perform critical trading activities. This Trading system provides the following functionalities. It creates an internal marketplace for Metal Trading for the client and their customers. It helps to interact with the employees of the client and their customers to allow orders to be raised, viewed, traded, amended, cancelled or suspended.
It comprises of two major modules. The two modules consist of Order Book which allows a trader to view online all the existing orders and Trade Blotter which is used to manage all the trades. The Trade Blotter is complimented by a number of support functions including the Trader Card, Profit &Loss and Exception Reporting.
The functionality includes exporting the trades from file to the system. They use third party system to post the trades to LME. We have customized our system, so that it will export the trades from our solution in the same format required by the third party system used by them.


  • 3.5
  • Sql Server 2008 R2
  • Classic Asp
  • JavaScript
  • Crystal report
  • Microsoft visual studio 2010


  • Enhance customer services by providing direct web-based access to account information, status monitoring
  • Increase accuracy and reduce the time taken to process the orders and trades through minimal re-keying, reliable exception reporting
  • Maximize the efficiency of each trader and administrator, enabling greater volumes to be handled with the same headcount
  • Solution is highly Customizable to the Client needs