Metal Trading System


Their system is a sophisticated and easy-to-use financial business solution that enables traders and their clients to perform critical trading activities via the web.

Business Need:

Required an application through which warehouse companies could monitor and maintain their stocks levels worldwide through them. The client also required a system to handle concurrent access and duplication along with monitoring agents activities.


LME Warehouse System uses “Agents” to confirm the creation and cancellation of warrants. Communication between individual warehouse locations and the London agent is normally system generated e-mail, fax being the backup mode.


  • Enhances customer services by providing direct web-based access to account info, status monitoring and LME Direct
  • Increases accuracy and reduce the time taken to process orders and trades
  • Maximises the efficiency of each trader and administrator, enabling greater volumes to be handled with the same headcount
  • Reduces the time spent monitoring order status due to the automated alert system
  • Improves trading performance and decision making with real-time data analysis and live tracking