Reporting & Statistics DataMart

Develop an online application for Product Management, Canada (PMC) for collating data from different sources and for managing, reporting and statistical purposes.

Business Situation

The customer required a web based secure solution to collate different data sets from multiple sources for importing reclamation companies data.

IQSS Solution

IQSS developed an application that could compare data from different sources, and to create reports outlining the data. For the data importing process, the data source file provided in the specified format needs to be uploaded to the specified directory in the Hosted database server. The administrator can upload by locating the data file from the local hard drive to initiate the data import process. Validation will be carried with the uploaded file.

The reclamation company data will be validated in the database for the validity of the data format and data consistency.

In case there are any exceptions in the data format an exception report will be generated and the data import process will be terminated. The administrator can correct the data exception manually and upload the data source file again for the data import process. This will be a recursive process until the data is consistent and no exceptions are reported.

If all the data format and data consistency validations are successful the data import process will succeeded. The data import process will be carried out inside the SQL server using Data Transformation Services Packages, which is a very fast and efficient way for data transformation.

The DTS packages provides the flexibility of combining several tasks into one process and provides the flexibility to execute these packages and monitor their progress for errors, etc.


ASP, HTML, Java Script, VB Scripts running on Windows platform and IIS 5.0 using MS SQL 2000 database, SQL Stored procedures, Data Transformation Services installed on SQL server and COM/DCOM objects.