The client Lexplosion is a Specialist compliance management company with expertise in Regulatory Compliance Management, Legal Research & Contract Management. Lexplosion was using compliance management product, to handle Governance, Risk and Compliance management for their clients

The problem

The current product was complicated to use and also difficult to customize as per the needs of different industries Workflows. Lexplosion was looking for a software service provider who was specialized in ECM & Outsourced Product Development who could build an end‐to‐end legal governance, risk and compliance management (“LGRC”) solution (“KomriskSM”) by bundling software, IT infrastructure and content into a single service framework and provide & provide the solution on a SaaS model to their customers.

The solution

The Compliance management system was conceptualized and built. The whole project life cycle involved Business Architecture, Analysis, Modeling, High level IA, Visual Design Concept, Detailed Software Design, Prototypes, and Implementation. Other activities included Deployment on cloud, Managing Hosting, Integrating with 3rd party tools & Proper governance of cloud platform to manage data consistency.

The enhanced relationship

Following a successful completion of the product, we have specific teams working for the same client for Application Management, Server Management, & Product Support Team.

The Technology

  • Java
  • Groovy/Grails
  • MySQL
  • Apache
  • Tomcat
  • Spring
  • Hibernate
  • SiteMesh
  • JDK
  • EhCache
  • JBPM
  • Lucene


They were able to provide a compliance management system to their end customers on SaaS model, hence eliminating high infrastructure cost to handle Governance, Risk and Compliance management for their clients.