The airlines company is based in UK which has over 50,000 employees and operates a fleet of 343 aircraft across a network covering 216 destinations in 94 countries. In 2002 this airline served more than 40 million passengers, out of which 29 million availed of International Services.

The problem

International travelers may purchase their tickets from this airline or any other airline, inclosing those operating as members of this airline.
For example, a round-the-world ticket purchased in Australia may include the following flights: Sydney to Singapore by Qantas, Singapore to London by BA, London to Los Angeles by American Airlines and Los Angeles to Sydney by Qantas. The fare for the entire journey is collected by Qantas, and it is the responsibility of each airline to reclaim the amount due to them upon completion of their leg of the journey. The International Air Transport Association (IATA) facilitates this process. Airline can request reimbursement from Qantas as soon as a passenger has presented their ticket at the gate and boarded the flight. The sooner the billing cycle is completed, the better the cash flow for the airline. However the scale and cost of the task involved in analyzing each individual ticket presented by 40 million passengers , is a huge .

The solution

We put together a team of 8 based in UK who worked closely with the airline and the overall project manager, the local councils and other partners & suppliers. The team produced and tested a solution, which satisfied the entire airline requirement.

The enhanced relationship

The solution developed comprises of an entirely new technology which is capable of processing documents( except for airline tickets) such as airway bills, pilots’ records and personnel records. Our vision was to expand the current system into a total managed archival solution for airline.

The Technology

  • Recostar: Used for recognition
  • Java / .Net: Used for programming
  • Servelets: Used for clients
  • ORACLE: Initial RDBMS technology tested, but solution capable of working with others such as SQL/Server
  • Jasper Reports: Used for reporting
  • XML: Used for storing the data before export to database


The benefits of outsourcing this critical business process are as follows:

  • 2,000 airline staff worldwide can access ticket images and other documents stored in archive via airlines intranet in less than three seconds, which saves an enormous amount of search and retrieval time.
  • Considerable cost savings have been achieved through rationalization of the billing process and streamlining of the organization
  • The system has been built to accommodate one billion transactions over the course of time, providing ample capacity without requiring additional investment
  • Backup facilities at different location to provide peace of mind in the event of disaster or failure of the system at operation location
  • The solution provided has a platform for airline to share its databases and archives with other selected airlines in the future