The Problem

It was in the requirement for an application, which would enable their staffs and customers to perform key trading activities.

The Solution

IQSS developed a sophisticated and easy-to-use financial business solution that enables clients to perform key trading activities via the web. The system is a secure web-based system which users access via a browser on their desktop to perform all business and administrative tasks. All data is held in a secure central database.
The solution creates an internal marketplace for Metal Trading for them, used by their staff and their customers. It allows employees and their customers to allow orders to be raised, viewed, traded, amended, cancelled or suspended, either internally or on the LME.
Their trading solution is truly optimized to meet the complexities and unique requirements of the LME marketplace.

The Technology

  • 3.5
  • Classic ASP
  • Crystal Reports
  • SQL Server 2008
  • JavaScript


  • Enhance customer service by providing direct web based access to account information, status monitoring and LME Direct.
  • Maximize efficiency of each trader and administrator, enabling greater volumes to be handled with the same headcount.
  • Increase the likelihood of identifying internal matches in other international markets, minimizing the volume of trades outsourced to third party brokers and the fees paid to them, thereby improving the price offered to customers and/or increasing the profitability of the trade.
  • Reduce time spent monitoring order status due to automated alert system.
  • Improve trading performance and decision making with real-time data analysis and live tracking.