Mortgage and servicing solution

The company has a presence in UK for nearly 150 years. The UK is a key hub for the Group and all three of its core businesses are based here:

  • Corporate & Investment Banking
  • Investment Solutions
  • Retail Banking

Its Corporate & Investment business is a leader across capital markets, advisory and financing and is the global headquarters for Fixed Income & Commodity Derivatives. Corporate and Institutional clients can also benefit from expertise in Asset Management, Securities Services, Real Estate, Insurance, Leasing and Vehicle Management Services. The bank also offers services for Individual clients, including Private Banking and Insurance. There are around 8000 employees in the UK, with the majority of employees based in and around London.

The Problem

The client already had a legacy systems to see the financials details of each customer. They wanted a solution with the following features

  • Client Details
  • All the correspondence letters to be generated as per the compliance on the specified date
  • Need to sync financials details from the new system to the current atlas and lap system

The Solutions

A system which is flexible, and highly configurable, web-based mortgage origination and servicing solution that is in use throughout the lending marketplace. It provides a managed environment to automate the complete mortgage lifecycle from POS through to post completion servicing and redemptions for all types of secured and unsecured mortgages and loans. A modular solution, The system allows clients to purchase a complete system or alternatively a standalone origination platform, or a servicing platform, if the requirements are for managing only part of the process.

  • Automates the complete mortgage lifecycle from POS to post completion and redemption.
  • Latest technology, encompassing flexible web-based solutions and services.
  • Supporting all channels of communication and introduction.
  • Tailored automation of workflow and task allocation activities.
  • Multi-product sourcing, selection and maintenance.
  • FSA and CCA compliant processing, documentation and calculations.
  • Fully integrated servicing suite available.

Key Features which was provided as part of this solution was

  • Complete End-to-End Servicing – Accounts are processed from completion to redemption including interest charging, payment collection (direct debit or internal account), currency switches, statement production and redemption quotation and processing Compliance the system has been designed to adapt rapidly to the constantly shifting emphasis within the mortgage industry and regulatory environment. The tools provided by the system ensure full compliance with FSA and CCA regulations at all times.
  • Multi-Currency – Switching between currencies is fully supported including the associated calculations and transactions. Including redemption
  • DIP, KFI, Underwriting and Product Selection – The system can be configured to apply product rules at each stage of the process to ensure that the mandatory client information is collected so that full underwriting rules can be applied. In addition to creating the offer document, Decision in Principle (DIP) and Key Facts Illustration (KFI) documents can be automatically generated at the appropriate stage of the client offer.
  • Workflow and Task Management – Overdue tasks are monitored by the system and escalation procedures can easily be put in place. Any document generated by the system can open tasks, and tasks can be presented to third parties such as solicitors or valuers for completion.
  • Document Creation – The system can be configured to automatically generate documents at the appropriate stage of the process. It uses a large library of fields from the system’s database, or from external feeds, that can be accessed and managed by an authorised administrator. These documents can be complex KFI’s or simple messages. A library of configurable document templates is also included.
  • Full Audit Trail and Histories – The system records a comprehensive audit record of all system and data changes providing a complete record of all activities performed on the system.
  • Usability – From a user’s perspective, the software is very easy to learn and use. All on-line help files and printed documentation are written in plain English, and system navigation is intuitive. Users are only presented with functions they are authorised to use.
  • Management Information – The system features a structured SQL database whereby staff can design and schedule their own reports using standard reporting tools. In addition, there is a pre-built interface into Crystal Reports.

The Technology

  • Microsoft .Net Framework 2.0
  • ASP.Net
  • C#
  • Classic Asp
  • EO PDF Generation
  • MS Visual Studio.Net 2005
  • MS SQL Server 2008
  • SQL 2008 Reporting Services
  • JavaScript


  • Windows 2008 R2 Server
  • IIS 7.0


  • Reduce the process cost
  • Satisfy all the compliance by FSA and CCA.
  • Customized solution to add and remove the features as per the compliance.
  • Simple to learn and easy to use
  • The extensive feature of scalable report has reduced the cost and improves the faster business flow.