Social landlord with 19,500 homes. They build and support communities through the provision of safe, secure and affordable homes. By staying true to their values and working together, they have delivered some of the highest customer satisfaction results for an organization of their size in England.


It involves interactions with existing and future customers. They needed a system which could record customer interactions and complaints with accuracy and index them effectively for quick retrieval.
The new system had to have the ability to interact with the existing application which maintains its properties, estates and their documents. The existing system had to be upgraded to ensure integration with the new system. The interaction between the two systems had to be seamless and efficient for the users of the system to service the customers.
To test the new system, IQSS also had to test their existing system to ensure the integration is working as expected. The existing system did not have any documentation to refer to. Their technical team was very busy to help in this wake. IQSS was left to understand the existing system on its own to test the upgrade as well as the interaction with the new system.


IQSS started the project by carrying out some exploratory testing to understand the existing system. The basic functionality was documented and shared with them for confirmation. Their technical team agreed for a brief couple of sessions of interaction with which IQSS had to gather the rest of the functional knowledge. With the help of dedicated and experienced QA personnel, the upgrade testing was carried out with the knowledge gathered via exploratory sessions.
The new system testing was slightly easier due to the availability of clear requirements. The integration testing between the systems was carried out by preparing extensive test data for various scenarios of both the systems and testing against a wide range of data.
In effect IQSS was able to validate both the applications with minimal impediment to them.