Electronic document management (EDM)

The Client

A large Govt. Recognized Housing trust in UK, processes 6,400 applications for housing annually, deals with enquiries from existing tenants and the public, monitors new government initiatives and legislation, acquires new properties and maintains existing ones.

The problem

For each Housing trust property there was a paper based folder containing site visit reports, property deeds, maintenance and repair job cards, etc. For each tenant there was a folder containing applications for housing, doctors’ reports, tenancy agreements etc. In addition, Housing trust contained a wide variety of government and legal documentation.
Maintaining tens of thousands of property and tenant files and folders, and the relationships between them, was a labor intensive and error-prone process. It consumed valuable time that could be better spent dealing with customers.

The solution

Electronic document management (EDM) was considered to streamline the cumbersome process.
Using capture engine Recostar, we did the following things:

  • Creating multiple templates for different property documents
  • Classify the forms when it comes for data capture to load correct template.
  • Improving accuracy to ensure minimal manual intervention.
  • Output provided in xml format & can be ported to any type of system
  • The keying correction application was used to correct all incorrectly captured data and save back to the XML

The Technology

  • Recostar
  • Java / .Net
  • Servelets
  • Jasper Reports
  • XML


The benefits of the property management solution are considerable:

  • Physical space savings
  • Ease and speed of document retrieval
  • Enhanced customer service and enquiry handling
  • Improved tenant relationships
  • Elimination of physical duplicates
  • Tracking of tenant movements
  • Faster processing of housing applications
  • Effective management of building repair job tickets