The client is a UK based tax Collection Agency. It ensures that the correct tax is paid at the right time, whether this relates to payment of taxes received by the department or entitlement to benefits paid.

The Objective

To provide a system for the client that will process in-scope VAT forms and cheques that is currently being performed by them in different locations to be migrated to a Central location. Data must be captured and validated as required by the business process. Cheques must be amount encoded for the bank and the financial transactions passed to the Payment Gateway for the Receipts Clearing System (RCS). The VAT data will be reconciled with the RCS extract and then formatted for transmission to the VAT Mainframe.

The solution

We put together an offshore team of 5, created the templates for them to capture the MICR and cheque amount and the Unique customer id from the form, stored all this values in XML, send it to keying correction and then gave them the final XML which they could import in to their system and see all the data related to the customer.


The benefits of outsourcing this critical business process were as follows:

  • Provided a quick turnaround for VAT processing
  • Reduced human effort
  • Centralized processing of VAT forms
  • Eliminated error for tax processing