The Company

UK’s largest international airline, flying to over 550 destinations at convenient times, to the best located airports.

The Challenge

Operation of the airline generates significant quantities of data which is initially recorded manually on paper(Aircraft Log). These recorded documents are needed to be transcribed into a computer system. The image of the paper is scanned and electronically archived into a system for future selective & easy retrieval. The transcription of data is achieved by computer operators who key from the paper.
The airlines had to get the system working within 6 months to cater to:
The huge quantities of Aircraft Logs to be scanned before the keying process.
Accurate entry of the textual information into the system must be ensured.
Data entry process needed to be rapid.
The system was to be used by the airlines and their BPO partner both of whom had different perspectives of the system usage for their respective team. This led to confusions in requirements on the sections of application used by the airlines and BPO. These confusions caused delays in completion of the development phase and leaving very little time for verification and validation.
IQSS was commissioned with the task of testing the system. The application had to handle large scales, be accurate and work at high speed. The major challenge faced by IQSS was the constant changes to the requirement based on the end user feedback for completing a comprehensive test with very little time available.

The Solution

To work best with the volatile requirements, it was decided that an iterative testing was best suited. The QA team had interactions with the end user groups (both BA and BPO) to extensively understand their requirements in order to emulate their needs while testing. Accordingly, the project was split into multiple drops.
The end of the first drop had majority of the functionality completed which was tested thoroughly by IQSS team. During this cycle, the main focus was functionality. Once the functionality had stabilized, the end users were included in the testing cycle to validate our coverage of the end user requirements. This was followed by multiple iterations of user interface testing to meet the client requirements of speed for data capture. Finally, IQSS conducted concurrent testing to ensure that the system sustains the load of multiple users logged at the same time.
IQSS ensured that the critical project was delivered for the airlines as per the expectations of the client well within the timelines proposed despite the challenges. IQSS used its extensive experience to mitigate risks and turn around challenges to deliver on quality.