Business Situation

UmbraVista system is intended to replace first generation digital x-ray imaging systems for medical and security applications. Digital x-ray scanner systems, such as ScanX from ALLPRO Imaging allows Phosphor storage plates (PSPs) containing images captured by x-ray equipment to be loaded directly into a device where they are scanned, transferred directly to and viewed on computer display in a single step using a USB interface. These advanced x-ray scanning machines also allow a wide array of adjustments to be made to the scanner from the computer both automatically, by sampling the image as it is transferred to the computer and by use of APIs distributed by the manufacturer.

First generation software developed to work with this new equipment does not take advantage of the full feature set of the PSP scanner. In addition, many of the image tracking, enhancement, annotation and viewing features present in this current generation of software is overly complex and time-consuming to use.


The UmbraVista system provides many features possible in an uncluttered user interface while allowing the x-ray technician to tap into more advanced image acquisition and enhancement features.
The UmbraVista system assumes that it is connected to a digital x-ray scanner via a USB interface. The product will assume that the digital x-ray scanner will be ScanX based equipment and will use the SDK from this manufacturer to control the equipment. This interface will allow the technicians to set machine controls to predefined default settings for various environments, override equipment settings and start the x-ray process.
The UmbraVista system will be designed to set all values for the digital scanner, transfer the raw image to the computer attached to the equipment, copy the raw image to a sandbox, apply default automatic image corrects to the sandbox image and render the image on the screen in near real time as a single process. The goal is to allow the technician to view a reasonably clear image in the minimum amount of time
Once the image has been transferred to the computer in the process described above, the sandbox image can be altered using the standard image tools. These tools allow relief, gamma, Equalize, emboss, sharpen, smooth, cropping, white balance, Tint adjustment, Density Analysis, Color saturation adjustment brightness on images. The emphasis on the image enhancement and viewing process is to use simple, extensible combination of tools to implement complex underlying image enhancement techniques.
A simple image management system allowing categorization, retrieval by several parameters, encrypted storage and the ability to securely transfer an image between linked computers.


  • Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5
  • C#
  • Visual Studio.Net 2008
  • MS SQL Server3.5 Compact Edition