Electronic Medical Record System

The problem

The UK Government, through the Electoral Commission (now Ministry of Justice), with a remit to modernise UK elections, had chosen them to provide an integrated election solution for the forthcoming May English local government elections. With just 4 months remaining, they were in need to find a reliable partner with the resource and expertise to help with the creation of a ballot counting solution. The solution needed to integrate with their telephone and internet voting solutions from other partners Intelivote and Scytl.

The solution

IQSS put together a team of 4 based in the UK who worked closely with their overall project manager, the local councils and other partners & suppliers. The team produced and tested a solution, CAIRO, that met the exact needs and counted the ballots on May 3rd flawlessly.

The enhanced relationship

Following a successful local election they had high confidence in IQSS’s abilities. They contracted IQSS to produce a generic ballot counting solution that could be used beyond the May election, easily configurable with custom ballot designs, to work in world-wide ballot paper based elections. IQSS produced GIZA which was an EML compliant solution. The solution was produced by IQ teams in both UK and Bangalore, India.

The Technology

  • Grails
  • Java
  • MySQL
  • JAI
  • JPA
  • Jasper Reports
  • XML