Banking Institution

The client is a private banking institution that provides specialized mortgages to ‘high net worth’ individuals. Consequently they deal with very few applications and provide a personalized and bespoke service to those individuals.
Present loan and mortgage software delivery aims at providing them a commercial offer.

The Problem

They utilized loan and mortgage software to capture a range of application related data. This data was often not specific to a product type or a lending type. The client wanted to capture process agent details where the borrower is an ordinary resident outside UK & this happened manually based on user prompt. The client needed the ability to programmatically retrieve the sLoan Ticket information from the loan and mortgage software.

The client wanted to capture details around Tied Products and the fees associated with those products which were altogether a new feature. Search page was required to be modified to provide details around Tied products as well

The Solution

After adequate reviews & having a good hands-on to know their system in-use, the new system has been designed in such a way that it offers various key features to incorporate the below listed solutions in order to make the Mortgage Origination & Processing easier.

  • A large number of new data capture fields has been created.
  • We have introduced a concept of Multi Currencies wherein any currency conversion to System Base Currency is possible
  • New requirements have been developed such that the fields used for capturing the details of the process agent will only appear where the address entered is not fromss UK.
  • The Interfaces have been modified to deploy the web services in IIS using an SSL certificate to be used between the web services in the loan and mortgage software Project area. Also the web service security will be further enhanced using http basic authentication to restrict access
  • A number of key features are has been developed to capture details around tied products and the fees associated with those products.
  • A new Locate Page framework has been used for covering the Tied products search


  • Automates the complete mortgage lifecycle from POS to post completion
  • Includes new feature of currency conversion which helps maintain consistency throughout the financial calculations across the system
  • Data Capture approaches have been modified in order to make it generalized & more automated based on rules & system internal dependencies
  • Interfaces have been made more secure with change in techniques & approaches
  • New products introduced are covered well in the various modules of Mortgage Processing through the application