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Are You Excited About Getting Vaccinated? Don’t Let Overconfidence Make You A Super Spreader!

The global pandemic of 2020 has been challenging in many ways. As world, community and health organizations struggle to collaborate on strategies and to provide supplies and direction to citizens,…


How the mob broke into the U.S. Capitol

The Washington Post pieced together video footage from multiple sources for a timeline of the events. Terrible. Tags: Capitol, government, mob, Washington Post Source: Data


member spotlight: Pris Lam

    The following is a guest post from Pris Lam. Pris is a regular contributor to the #SWDchallenges and the Tableau community. To see examples of Pris’ creations, check…

Analytics is launched

A new project called Encyclosearch () has been launched. Encyclosearch allows you quickly and easily search many high-quality encyclopedias at once, instead of relying on a highly-centralized resource such as…


Neural network creates images from text

OpenAI trained a neural network that they call DALL·E with a dataset of text and image pairs. So now the neural network can take text input and output random combinations…


Deep visualizations to Help Solve Riemann’s Conjecture

This is the second part of my article Spectacular Visualization: The Eye of the Riemann Zeta Function, focusing on the most infamous unsolved mathematical conjecture, one that has a $1…


Turn images into LEGO builds in R

The brickr package in R by Ryan Timpe takes an image, converts it to a mosaic, and then provides a piece list and instructions for the build. While not officially…


Radar trends to watch: January 2021

The last month of the old year showed a lot of activity on the border of AI and biology. The advances in protein folding with deep learning are a huge…


Announcing the general availability of read/write XMLA endpoints in Power BI Premium

General announcement of read/write XMLA endpoints in Power BI Premium. List of client tools that natively work with Power BI Premium. Source: PowerBI


Data Science Central Weekly Digest, 4 Jan 2021

Data Science Central Weekly Digest, 4 Jan 2021 Welcome to the DSC Weekly Digest, a production of Data Science Central. Every week, we pick out the newest and brightest articles…