This is a nightmare! Tadayoshi Kohno, Professor at Department of Computer Science and Engineering, University of Washington, manipulated a STOP sign in a typical “graffiti way”, that it was recognized as 45 mph SPEED limit by typical AI software, such as built into a Tesla S. It’s very likely, that it will become a sport to […]

Last month, my colleagues Frederick Ryckbosch and Samuel Vandamme faced each other for a fun and geeky OpenShift Commons webinar on proactive performance management of Red Hat OpenShift. Samuel came armed with a set of challenging questions and Frederick had CoScale’s container monitoring tool fully loaded to respond. They battled around the different performance considerations […]

This is the second blog in a series of three, in which I expand on some of the points raised in O’Reilly Media’s DevOps for Media & Entertainment report. The first post covered the two essential aspects of DevOps that are often overlooked: communication and empathy. Today, we dive into a more technical topic – monitoring. […]

A big part of an IT manager’s job is asking, "What if…?" As cloud services become more popular, disaster plans are updated to include contingencies for the moment when the company’s cloud-hosted data resources become unavailable. Two recent service failures highlight the damage that can result when a cloud platform experiences an outage: Source: dzone

In the previous post, I talked about the issues we had with wanting to run untrusted code and wanting to use Jurassic to do so. The problem is that when the IL code is generated, it is then JITed and run on the machine directly, we have no control over what it is doing. And […]

RxJava is missing a factory to create an infinite stream of natural numbers. Such a stream is useful, e.g. when you want to assign unique sequence numbers to a possibly infinite stream of events by zipping both of them: Flowable<Long> naturalNumbers = //??? Flowable<Event> someInfiniteEventStream = //… Flowable<Pair<Long, Event>> sequenced = naturalNumbers, someInfiniteEventStream, Pair::of […]