In the world of development and innovation, DevOps, Agile, and Cloud have finally broken through the hype and gone mainstream. This post emphasizes how the three musketeers combine to form an almost-holy threesome. We are passing through an entire 360-degree transformation as the world continues to digitize at a faster pace. Over the past decade, […]

When working with large amounts of data, the use of indexes will greatly improve the time it takes for your queries to run by storing part of a collection’s data in a form that is easy to traverse. To add some indexes to your collections, you could run some functions directly via the Mongo Shell — […]

Use of serverless computing services has continued to grow since our last post on Amazon Web Services Lambda in early 2017. Despite the name, serverless technology still involves plenty of servers, containers, and Linux—as a developer, you just don’t have to think about those details. In this new environment, New Relic continues to look at […]

When biting into a sour lemon your lips pucker up, you squeeze your eyes shut as citric acid rolls around your mouth and – unless you’re one of those people who kind of likes the pain – you think to yourself, “Probably shouldn’t have done that!” The shock lasts for a minute or two and […]

I am trying to wrap my head around the next steps in the evolution of API security. I am trying to help separate some of the layers of what we collectively call API security into some specific building blocks I can reference in my storytelling. I’m ramping up my API security research as I onboard […]