Four short links: 31 March 2020

  1. Medtronic Releases Ventilator Designs — not open source, as the license is a limited-time limited-purpose license that retains rights. I imagine some corporate lawyers have done some frantic Googling for open meditech licensing clauses.
  2. dolt — version history for tabular data. Compare to sno, which is version control for geospatial and tabular data.
  3. Toast UI Editor — extensible WYSIWYG Markdown editor.
  4. How to be Curious Instead of Contrarian — it’s about Coronavirus/Covid-19 but could apply equally well to any topic. 1) Care about the answer to a question; 2) Post a question and propose a research design that could answer it; 3) Use failures of your predictions to revise your mode; 4) Form meaningful prior beliefs with a thorough literature review; 5) Don’t form strong prior beliefs based on cherry-picked data; 6) Be specific and concrete about your theory; 7) Choose enough cases to actually test your theory; 8) Convey uncertainty with specificity not doublespeak.

Source: oreilly