Four short links: 5 June 2020

  1. Computers Barely Work — An interview with Greg Kroah-Hartman. A joyful interview with a Linux kernel maintainer, words I never thought I’d type.
  2. TinyInsta lightweight dynamic instrumentation library that can be used to instrument only selected module(s) in the process, while leaving the rest of the process to run natively. It is meant to be easy to understand, easy to hack on and easy to hack with. It is not designed to be compatible with all targets.
  3. Stay Motivated When Feedback is ScarceReduced feedback, diminished external encouragement, and decreased interpersonal interaction don’t just take an emotional toll; they can take a toll on our work outcomes as well. If you want to be a valued coworker and manager, learn to give feedback.
  4. Robotics Debates — Great moots! Robotics research is over-reliant on benchmark datasets and simulation; and Robots designed for personal or household use have failed because of fundamental misunderstandings of Human-Robot Interaction (HRI).

Source: oreilly