When I hear about a successful startup with founders from Estonia, I tend to take notice. It’s a country that’s birthed a range of interesting tech companies including Skype, TransferWise, pipedrive and Jobbatical.  It practices open governance. Data is open to citizens via the Internet, you can start a business, pay your taxes, and vote online. Even if you’re not from Estonia, you can still benefit — with the option to become an e-resident to enable non-EU members to do business in Europe.

So when I heard of an app testing company that was started in Tallinn, I had to find out more. Kristel Kruustük was just 23 when she became disillusioned by how app testers were treated. She wanted to build a platform that would appreciate the work of testers and change the way QA was done. She shared her idea with then-boyfriend, later-cofounder, now-husband Marko Kruustük and the two entered the world’s largest hackathon: Angelhack. Together, they took home first place, winning a $25,000 seed investment and their first paying customer.

Source: dzone

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