let's ask… Ben Jones!

When we communicate with data, we need to reach our audience at a level that works for them. The challenge is that our audiences have a wide range of literacy when it comes to talking about and understanding data. This is an issue that my friend, Ben, has been thinking about for many years and has made it his mission to address.

Ben Jones helps people learn the language of data. He is founder and CEO of Data Literacy and author of Avoiding Data Pitfalls and Communicating Data with Tableau. This Thursday, Ben will join us live in the SWD community for an “ask me anything” session. You can pre-submit questions now and then tune in live Thursday 4-5PM EDT to ask more questions and see Ben’s (typed) responses in real time.

Ahead of that, check out Ben’s video, Avoiding Data Pitfalls – COVID-19 Edition (below) or listen to my chat with him earlier this year for the SWD podcast. Join us this Thursday to pose your questions directly to Ben!

Source: Story Telling