If you follow the high-tech space and/or Wall Street, you probably know that MuleSoft went public last month, and we want to congratulate the MuleSoft team on its successful IPO. In fact, we think this is an important milestone for the integration market, one that highlights the critical role integration plays in connecting the growing numbers of cloud apps, connected devices, and data types businesses must contend with today.

While the buzz around the MuleSoft IPO is bringing some much-needed attention to the pressing need for businesses to replace aging integration software and legacy tooling/solutions from companies like Informatica, TIBCO, IBM and Software AG, the media coverage has completely overlooked the most surprising part of this IPO story: how the investment community and market at large have embraced as new what is essentially a remake of an old movie. Granted, sometimes a remake is better than the original (Invasion of the Body Snatchers and True Grit are examples), but, nonetheless, it is still the same story.

Source: dzone

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