Power BI Power BI is one of the leading Business Intelligence products in the market and is an exciting cloud-based business analytics service that transforms an organisation’s most crucial data into powerful visuals on a live dashboard.. Power BI enables anyone to visualize and analyze data with greater speed, efficiency, and understanding. It connects users to a broad range of live data through easy-to-use dashboards, provides interactive reports, and delivers compelling visualizations that bring data to life.

Power BI Suite brings business data to life in order for organizations of all sizes to better understand the patterns and trends happening with their business operations in real-time. Customers are now moving away from the more expensive, niche BI products that prohibit ‘as a Service’ consumption and instead are choosing the efficiency and flexibility of Power BI.

Power BI Consulting Services

IQSS offers consulting, development and integration services there by delivering high quality, scalable, and robust business intelligence dashboards. Leveraging our in-depth experience across diverse industry verticals we serve our customer needs by understanding their data and produce insights helping them visualize it beyond reports and interactive charts.
See for yourself some of the Power BI dashboards built by our team of Power BI experts.


Web Analytics – Actionable insights from site traffic and social media

Web AnalyticsThe Web Analytics lets you track the site traffic and understand how your web site visitor is spending time on your website. The insights provide information about the audience from different geographic location, information & pages they see and the time they are spending on pages. Performance attributes such as the average time to load page, page views and the unique page view indicating returning visitors. The reports about social media provides the page views in Face book, likes to the published posts and shares by the visitors. It helps gauge traffic, information users read and popularity trends which is useful for market research. Integration with Facebook and Linked in provides an insight to the social media analytic trends and information.
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Support Desk – Helps optimize support system to deliver better support experience

Support DeskThe support desk dashboard helps to proactively manage support queue efficiently, analyze incoming ticket trends and minimize loss due to any SLA impacts. Getting started with Support Desk makes you get ahead of the service impacts, before they spell trouble for your customers. Integration with Fresh Desk helps this dashboard improve support delivery performance and efficiency with better insight into your ITSM data. Analyze inflow of customer tickets, view details related to their account and contact information to improve support performance levels and customer satisfaction. Helps forecast requirements and trends from key accounts and estimate business impact.
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Accounts Payable – Insights help streamline workflow automation and AP processing

Accounts PayableAccount Payable dashboard provides insights helping organizations to streamline workflow automation and strategies for efficient invoice processing and accounts payable process. It helps the personnel to evaluate the accounting and outflow of cash in the organization, also come up with strategies to improve effectiveness and efficiency of processing. At the same time it aids in maintaining the strict control over cash disbursements. The dashboard provides trends of projected cash flow by departments and indicate the number of times an organization pays off its vendors during an accounting period.
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Sales CRM – Insights help review sales progress against forecasts to optimize strategies and business plan

Accounts PayableThe Sales Management dashboard gives a single, holistic view of your sales performance across products and segments. The dashboard integrates with the Dynamic CRM to get the opportunites, sales and other information. The dashboard and reports keep your team informed by quickly sharing interactive visuals with others. Enables to Easily analyze the performance of specific geographies or individual account owners. Allows dynamically adjust your tactics and update in real-time across all devices. The pipline report help track your sales pipeline in real-time and accurately inform sales forecasts and plans.
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Quick Books – Analyze cash flow, profitability, customers and more

Accounts PayableA strong liquidity position and managing the accounting from any where along with tight control over cash flow is a key to the financial health of the organization. This dashboard provides insights about business cash flow, profitability, customers, vendors, profit & loss trends and other information. The insights help companies to streamline workflow automation and strategies for efficient accounting process. It helps the decision makers to evaluate the accounting and outflow of cash in the company and efficiency of processing. At the same time it aids in maintaining the strict control over cash disbursements.
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