Our close partnerships with software vendors such as Microsoft, Sun, HP and Splunk afford us a competitive advantage in having our software development teams being in the loop on real-world projects involving new, upcoming, and un-released technologies. IQSS offers our customers a wealth of expertise and experience covering a wide portfolio of technology – both enterprise and open source.


We are vendor-neutral, with a focus on identifying the platform that best meets our customer requirements. We have built close, collaborative relationships with technology providers and continue to work regularly with all major vendors to bring the advantages of technology to our customers. Our customers get the functionality and integration they are looking for, customized to their needs, at a lower cost, resulting in a dramatically improved ROI.



  1. Microsoft
  2. Java
  3. Open Source

Cloud Computing

IQSS helps its clients navigate the challenges and opportunities available to improve business processes and create dynamic, collaborative work environments. We offer end-to-end cloud computing services from consulting and implementation to ongoing support activities, along with the tools and partner relationships to implement, manage and monitor any cloud-based process.
Cloud Consulting Services
IQSS Consulting Services can assist your organization to realize the full benefits of cloud computing to accelerate time-to-value, mitigate risk, provide experience and expertise, and maximize your return on investment. IQSS helps organizations to implement Cloud computing effectively in a secure and reliable manner.



Our Cloud Migration Services encompass the full range of needs – from implementation to migration to integration.

  • Cloud Application and Infrastructure Migration
  • Cloud Application Development and Testing
  • Cloud Managed Infrastructure
  • Cloud Hosting Services


Engineering Services

IQSS offers proven expertise across cloud platforms so you can make your product-engineering decisions faster and with confidence.

Our Cloud Engineering services include:

  • Design, Development and Analysis
  • Write and implement algorithms
  • Data harvesting
  • Integration and Support
  • Keeping with trends in technology, especially in areas of languages, services and frameworks


IQSS cloud consulting services helps you to evaluate cloud as part of your overall IT service delivery strategy. We analyze your portfolio of applications and evaluate which can be moved to cloud. Efficiently assessing demand variability, application dependency, platform and OS feasibility, licensing and security constraints, we help you prioritize this list of cloud-ready applications and discover your own cloud model.