Why Not IoT Security?


Just about anyone today can recognize that we are on a downward trend with respect to the security of our computer systems. Not only are we undergoing drastic changes in how systems are compromised, but the nature of those compromises is also changing for the worse. Cybersecurity flaws are exploited by various governments as well as criminal elements, and criminal elements are becoming more organized. The overall pace of compromise is growing, as is the cost levied against us all as our information is stolen, our credit cards copied, and our credentials reused by attackers. We have become more dependent on the Internet than ever to deliver our movies, our music, and to order the things we need. If we are going to continue to use the Internet, as we do today, for the next decade, we need to rethink the importance of security in everything we design and build.

Fortunately, much of what affects the market today stems from problems we have already solved. While we are not likely to fix the problems we do not yet know of, we can certainly do something about the ones we can recognize, especially ones we have already recognized and fixed. And there is much more of this than you would think, particularly when building, configuring, and delivering system software.

Source: dzone


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