HR Analytics

Analytics and Insights to deliver business objectives

Risk and Compliance
Organization Size
(50 – 999 employees)

A leading Analytics company that provides HR Analytic-as-a-Service and helps companies leverage their business and employee data for insights to manage their employees, processes, risks and business outcomes effectively.

Business Requirement

Customer had a vision to develop an HR Analytical tool to cater to their clients. The analytics tool is supposed to address critical challenge the organisations face with sustainable growth. Growth demands continuous review of opportunities, capabilities and competencies. It needs to be managed effectively to lower risk and cost to acceptable levels. The tool is proposed to provide insights and workflows that deliver business objectives.

Our Solution

The HR Analytics solution was conceptualized to provide insights driven by data analytics and inform workflows that are required to deliver business objectives. Understanding business financials and customer outcomes, it helps align people and processes. The predictive approach optimises talent management, compliance
accountability and customer experience outcomes.

Customer Benefit and Value
  • Enables to manage risk, optimize cost, enhance productivity and maximize revenue
  • Providing rich visual Insights to enable proactive Management action towards risk mitigation
  • Diagnose key areas of HR, streamline and enable effective resource utilization