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Change in commute times in major cities

Using GPS data processed by Replica, Lydia DePillis, Emma Goldberg, and Ella Koeze, for The New York Times, show how commutes have changed post-pandemic. The roads in major cities are…


Patterns of Distributed Systems is published by Pearson

During the last four years, my colleague Unmesh Joshi been developing a collection of patterns to help us all better understand how modern distributed systems work. We’ve been publishing drafts…


Toddlers and stochastic parrots

For The New Yorker, Angie Wang draws parallels between toddler learning behavior and training large language models, but more importantly, where they diverge. They are the least useful, the least…


Parallel lines of old

This doesn’t have labeled axes, so I assume it only shows a zoomed in portion of the earlier years. The slope of the top line starts to level out at…


Attitudes towards tipping in the U.S.

Tipping seems to be in a confusing spot right now. On the one hand, customers want to support workers, but on the other, tip suggestions seem to be rising towards…


Jobs with Higher Income and Fewer Hours

About 15% of working Americans make at least $100,000 of income per year as of the 2021 American Community Survey. As you’d expect, many who fall in that 15% spent…


New card’s reference labels | Public preview

Introducing reference labels: the new feature that will rock your new cards! Now you can add custom labels to your new cards that show amazing information and comparisons. Source: PowerBI


Building fair algorithms

Emma Pierson and Kowe Kadoma, for Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center, have a short and free course on Coursera on practical steps for building fair algorithms: Algorithms increasingly help make high-stakes…


✚ Chart Options When You Have Little Space

Welcome to The Process, the newsletter for FlowingData members where we look closer at how the charts get made. I’m Nathan Yau. As more charts shift to smaller screens, we…


New button slicer | Public preview

We’re excited to announce the latest addition to Power BI’s new slicer experience – the button slicer! Crafted with your feedback and participation in mind, this innovative tool offers unparalleled…