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Rights at risk at the U.S. Supreme Court level

For ProPublica, Ian MacDougall and Sergio Hernandez evaluated records of sitting justices to gauge the rights at risk of being taken away. Each right gets a section with background, bills…


REMINDER: Announcing the retirement of data support for Streaming Dataflows

Streaming Dataflows has now been retired and all data retained from the experience will no longer exist starting mid-June 2023. You can now migrate to Azure Stream Analytics (ASA) No-code…


An open-access journal for visualization research

In an effort to provide a more transparent process in visualization and interaction research, The Journal of Visualization and Interaction begins: The Journal of Visualization and Interaction (JoVI) is a…


✚ Chart Practice: Feature Focus

Welcome to The Process, where we look closer at how the charts get made. This is issue #241. I’m Nathan Yau, and this week we continue with chart practice, this…


Scale model of the universe’s timeline

{“@context”:”;} To better understand the scale of time and feed your existential dread, Wylie Overstreet and Alex Gorosh used LED lights spread miles across a desert, proportional to milestones in…


Power BI Embedded with Microsoft Fabric

With the release of Microsoft Fabric, ISVs and application developers using Power BI embedded can now leverage new capabilities of Microsoft Fabric, all while maintaining their Power BI embedded solutions and…


More hiring, because more quitting

This is a good example of things are not quite what they seem until you look at more data. Andrew Van Dam, for Washington Post’s Department of Data, looks into…


Privacy Enhancing Technologies: An Introduction for Technologists

Making data open and available to all helps us all understand our world and are thus better informed to shape the policies to run it. But such openness does come…


Power BI Report Server May 2023 Feature Summary

Welcome to the May 2023 Power BI Report Server release! This release has a number of great new features like the Report Server accessibility tagging for screen-reader report consumers, as…


A guessing game for place and time

Add another geolocation guessing game that I am terrible at. TimeGuessr shows you a photograph, and you guess when and where it was taken. Tags: game, guess Source: Data