Power BI – Employee Tracking and Outlets Inventory Solution

The channel partner Users visit different outlets and capture the inventory information along with photos. The user’s geo-location along with other data is captured by sales platform and stored in Sales platform cloud environment. The current data provides the geo-coordinates of outlets visited but it does not provide the address of outlets, visibility about the outlets visited in different areas or city by channel partners.

The Users and Outlets location visualisation Power BI solution provides the dashboard and reports about the outlet visits by personnel (hawker) of channel partners and the inventory information.

The user report in Power BI allows the user to select the manager, user along with other filters to view the report with map highlighting the area visited by user and the list of unique outlets visited with the address.
Other reports provide information about the locations visited and the inventory information per outlet which helps the team to analyze and come up with strategies for promotion and other activities.

  • Users Outlets Visit

    This report provides visuals displaying area map of user’s visit to outlet based on the geo co-ordinates of particular city/locality. This information is aligned to the user hierarchy in sales platform to show more details.

  • Sales Hierarchy and Outlets

    The report provides information about the locations with approx. locality coverage and identification of unique outlets covered per user in a relevant filter. The report allows to filter based on the hierarchy such as ASM, TSE, RM along with outlets in the location and inventory information.