Power BI – QuickBooks Dashboard

A strong liquidity position and managing the accounting from any where along with tight control over cash flow is a key to the financial health of the organization. This dashboard provides insights about business cash flow, profitability, customers, vendors, profit & loss trends and other information.

The insights help companies to streamline workflow automation and strategies for efficient accounting process. It helps the decision makers to evaluate the accounting and outflow of cash in the company and efficiency of processing. At the same time it aids in maintaining the strict control over cash disbursements.

This dashboard has been developed integrating with the QuickBooks accounting software to fetch accounting, customers, vendors, sales and invoices.

  • Profit and Loss Trends
  • Balance Sheet

    This report provides insights about the cash flow forecast for next 30 days, Accounts payable and Accounts Receivable aging along with the cash flow for 6 days.

  • Cash flow

    This report displays Profit and Loss by Account type, account sub type for each month by financial year and other insights.

  • Customer Center

    The revenue by Customer and the product, account receivables by duration and Receivables aging & customer information charts are available.

  • Vedor Center

    This report provides vendor segmentation along with vendors based on geographic location along with vendor list providing information about purchases made and open AP balance.