Power BI – Web Analytics Dashboard

The Web Analytics lets you track the site traffic and understand how your web site visitor is spending time on your website. The insights provide information about the audience from different geographic location, information & pages they see and the time they are spending on pages. Performance attributes such as the average time to load page, page views and the unique page view indicating returning visitors. The reports about social media provides the page views in Face book, likes to the published posts and shares by the visitors. It helps gauge traffic, information users read and popularity trends which is useful for market research.

The dashboard uses the website traffic, hits and tracking data from Google Analytics to provide web analytic insights. The Social media analytic data is fetched from Facebook & Linkedin using the Facebook API and Linkedin API.

The dashboard provides a quick summary view about the site traffic, users visiting the site along with the page views along with the geographic location and the social media activities.

Site Traffic

Provide summary of the hits received, bounces, user sessions across different days of the week, the trend of users visiting the site during the month and the average time spent on the website. Helps in understanding the user audience expected during a day and week along with duration spent to work on updating the web site.

System Usage

Information about the users visiting from geographic locations with different culture along with web client browser with the operating system and the devices used. Insights help to understand the user audience locations along with the browser and device so that the website can be targeted to the audience and the device.


Provides trends of new and the returning users accessing the website in the last 30 days, ratio of new users vs. returning users and the traffic on different days of the week. Website can be updated with relevant content in the pages that are accessed by returning users and also understand the pages viewed by new users.

Page Performance

The average page load time taken for the last 180 days along with the redirection time help in improving performance of the website. The attributes such as average load time, bounces and other parameters can be addressed based on the trends.

Total Pages

The total or top pages visited in the website along with the entry, exit and unique page views help in understand the frequently visited page in order to update them with more content and understand the pages with low hits with the intention to provide useful information.


Facebook (social media) plays an important role in depicting the company culture and the environment provided by management along with the latest trends, technology updates and contributions by the employees. The Facebook insights provide summary about the likes and shares in Facebook page indicating the information, interest by the contributors and the audience interest.