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#SWDchallenge: when every point matters

    The visualisation tools we have at our disposal do a great job of summarising our data. We can aggregate it ourselves with formulas (like averages, counts or sums)…


To understand the risks posed by AI, follow the money

By Rufus Rock, UCL; Tim O’Reilly, UCL; Ilan Strauss, UCL; and Mariana Mazzucato, UCL This article is republished from The Conversation under a Creative Commons license. Time and again, leading…


Map of NHL player birth places

Reddit user ChangsManagement mapped where NHL hockey players were born, based on data from Hockey Reference. As someone who knows next to nothing about hockey, except the bits I picked…


Rising Tide Rents and Robber Baron Rents

Why is it that Google, a company once known for its distinctive “Do no evil” guideline, is now facing the same charges of “surveillance capitalism” as Facebook, a company that…


Deprecation of AutoML in Power BI using Dataflows V1

Following the announcement of the deprecation of creation of Power BI Automated Machine Learning (AutoML) models for Dataflows V1, the feature has now been deprecated in all regions as of…


can an introvert be a powerful presenter?

It often surprises people to discover that confidence in public speaking didn’t always come naturally to me. In truth, I vividly recall the days of trembling hands, quivering voice, and…


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Big Sur, CA Source: martinfowler


On-premises data gateway April 2024 release

We are excited to announce the April 2024 release of the on-premises data gateway! Source: PowerBI


Attacking Supply Chains at the Source

We’ve been very lucky. A couple of weeks ago, a supply-chain attack against the Linux xz Utils package, which includes the liblzma compression library, was discovered just weeks before the…


Copilot in Power BI: Soon available to more users in your organization

We have some exciting announcements to share regarding Copilot in Microsoft Fabric. The information in this blog post has also been shared with Fabric tenant administrators. Below are the highlights…