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Learn how to connect Azure DevOps API in a secure way

In this Power BI webinar, we learn about creating agile metrics and see some of the reporting capabilities when we connect Power Bi Desktop to data flows using parameters and…


Four short links: 5 December 2019

Rediscovered Incomplete Infocom Text Adventure: Hypochondriac — download link in the video description. Discovered by Adam Summerfield by rummaging through the directories of the Infocom Hard Drive. It’s not finished…


Power BI Service and Mobile October and November 2019 feature summary

It’s time to recap all the features and announcements we made for the Power BI service and mobile for the months of October and November. Source: PowerBI


Document worth reading: “A Survey of Utility-Oriented Pattern Mining”

The main purpose of data mining and analytics is to find novel, potentially useful patterns that can be utilized in real-world applications to derive beneficial knowledge. For identifying and evaluating…


No Matter What You Call It, It’s all the Same Thing

Summary:  A little history lesson about all the different names by which the field of data science has been called, and why, whatever you call it, it’s all the same…


What’s new with SQL Server 2019 Linux features

With SQL Server 2017, Microsoft entered the world of multi-OS platform support for SQL Server. For many technical professionals, the ability to run SQL Server on the same open source…

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5 eCommerce social media analytics tips to maximize data

If you’re wondering how to start your e-commerce website and boost your social media performance, look no further. Whether you’re not satisfied with your social media marketing campaign or you’re…


Compare your city’s air pollution to the rest of the world

High air pollution can lead to serious health risks, but you can’t usually see particulate matter floating in the air around you. So we have no base for comparison and…


Four short links: 4 December 2019

The Complexity Explorer — online courses, tutorials, and resources essential to the study of complex systems. Complexity Explorer is an education project of the Santa Fe Institute. 52 Things I…


#SWDchallenge: infographics

Infographic. This is shorthand for “information graphic.” It is loaded term—perhaps it is because it promises a lot that it frequently under-delivers. I used to be posed the question frequently…