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Building a happy life, interpreted through data

How to Build a Happy Life from The Atlantic is a podcast on finding happiness: In our pursuit of a happy life, we build, we structure, and we plan. Often,…


Depth of the underwater Tonga volcano

Mark Doman and Alex Palmer, for ABC News, show the depth of the Tonga volcano that erupted earlier this year with a 3-D model. “While the depth of the caldera…


Experimental Noisycharts sonifies data for improved accessibility

Nick Evershed, for The Guardian, describes Noisycharts, an experimental component for their in-house charting tool: What does rising global carbon dioxide sound like? Or the crash of the pound? How…


Etsy’s observability and ML infrastructure teams moving to the cloud

Tim Cochran and Keyur Govande continue their account of how Etsy used the cloud to scale up by describing the journey of two teams: observability and ML infrastructure more… Source:…


Technical Health Isn’t Optional

If every company is a technology company, then every healthy company must have a healthy relationship to technology. However, we haven’t seen any discussions of “technical health,” which suggests that…


Decline of key changes in popular music

Chris Dalla Riva analyzed key changes in songs that made the Billboard Hot 100, between 1958 and 2022. Key changes are near non-existent after 2010. The most interesting part is…


Shifts in European energy sources

Mira Rojanasakul, for The New York Times, dug into current and historical energy sources in Europe. With the war in Ukraine, Russia cut off natural gas supplies to other countries,…


$300b World Cup seen through satellite imagery

Qatar spent $300 billion with a ‘b’ over the past twelve years to host the World Cup. For Bloomberg, Simone Foxman, Adveith Nair, and Sam Dodge show what that money…


Accelerate your migration experience from Azure Analysis Services to Power BI Premium with the automated migration tool

Accelerate your migration experience from Azure Analysis Services to Power BI Premium with the automated migration tool. Read more for details. Source: PowerBI


✚ Setting Axis Ranges

Welcome to the 215th issue of The Process, the weekly newsletter for FlowingData members that looks closer at how the charts get made. I’m Nathan Yau, and this week I’m…