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Four short links: 6 April 2020

Rufus — Create bootable USB drives the easy way. Improving Audio Quality in Duo with WaveNetEQ — Google filling in missing packets in voice calls using deep learning. CRN++ —…


Power BI Service and Mobile February and March 2020 feature summary

It’s time to recap all the features and announcements we made for the Power BI service and mobile for the months of February and March. Source: PowerBI


Weekly Digest, April 6

Monday newsletter published by Data Science Central. Previous editions can be found here. The contribution flagged with a + is our selection for the picture of the week. To subscribe, follow this…


Artificial Intelligence strategy for SMEs: A pragmatic approach

Background Is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) strategy feasible for SMEs? (Small to Medium Enterprises)? In this post, we present a pragmatic approach for SMEs to consider AI (at low cost)…


Document worth reading: “Transfer Adaptation Learning: A Decade Survey”

The world we see is ever-changing and it always changes with people, things, and the environment. Domain is referred to as the state of the world at a certain moment….


Document worth reading: “Artificial Intelligence: A Child’s Play”

We discuss the objectives of any endeavor in creating artificial intelligence, AI, and provide a possible alternative. Intelligence might be an unintended consequence of curiosity left to roam free, best…


photostream 123

Ferrara, Italy (2014) Source: martinfowler


Document worth reading: “Verification for Machine Learning, Autonomy, and Neural Networks Survey”

This survey presents an overview of verification techniques for autonomous systems, with a focus on safety-critical autonomous cyber-physical systems (CPS) and subcomponents thereof. Autonomy in CPS is enabling by recent…


Four short links: 3 April 2020

The Zero Trust Learning Curve (Palo Alto Networks) — don’t learn with the Crown Jewels. The trouble with starting with the most sensitive protect surfaces is that they’re often too…


Social distancing isn’t available for everyone

For Reuters, Chris Canipe looks at social distancing from the perspective of household income: Anonymized smartphone data in the United States shows some interesting trends. People in larger cities and…