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Document worth reading: “Regularizing Deep Neural Networks by Noise: Its Interpretation and Optimization”

Overfitting is one of the most critical challenges in deep neural networks, and there are various types of regularization methods to improve generalization performance. Injecting noises to hidden units during…


Four short links: 14 October 2019

FaceForensics++: Learning to Detect Manipulated Facial Images — This paper examines the realism of state-of-the-art image manipulations, and how difficult it is to detect them, either automatically or by humans….


Weekly Digest, October 14

Monday newsletter published by Data Science Central. Previous editions can be found here. The contribution flagged with a + is our selection for the picture of the week. To subscribe, follow this…


40+ Modern Tutorials Covering All Aspects of Machine Learning

This list of lists contains books, notebooks, presentations, cheat sheets, and tutorials covering all aspects of data science, machine learning, deep learning, statistics, math, and more, with most documents featuring…

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Data Analytics: How it can help brands court their customers

Historically, there has been a significant separation between organizations and the stakeholders who support them. While consumers think of themselves as human individuals, brands are sometimes viewed as faceless, corporate…


Announcing The 2019 Power BI User Group Global Hackathon Champions!

It is with great pleasure that the Power BI User Group announced the 2019 Power BI User Group Global Hackathon winning team as… Source: PowerBI


GIF Image Featuring a Beautiful Visualization

Interesting GIF visualization. We do not endorse any political opinion, and the picture below is provided only for its visual value, not for its political content. It was originally posted…


Fall foliage colors mapped

For The Washington Post, Lauren Tierney and Joe Fox mapped fall foliage colors across the United States: Forested areas in the United States host a variety of tree species. The…


Four short links: 11 October 2019

Resilience Engineering Papers — This doc contains notes about people active in resilience engineering, as well as some influential researchers who are no longer with us, organized alphabetically. It also…


Difference Between Correlation and Regression in One Picture

Correlation and regression analysis both deal with relationships between variables.  There are many different types of correlation and regression; This image focuses on the differences between the two most common…