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Ferrara, Italy (2014) Source: martinfowler


How to do effective video calls

During 2011-2012 there was a small but significant revolution in how we worked at ThoughtWorks. When we needed to communicate while separated we used to do telephone meetings, but within…


Coping with Covid-19, part 2

As the Covid-19 outbreak continues to spread, we at ThoughtWorks continue to react. In China we’re slowly restarting our office work, with some significant protective measures. Elsewhere it’s all about…


The Elephant in the Architecture

Last week I gave one of the keynotes at O’Reilly’s Software Architecture conference. When I was invited to do this last year, I asked my colleagues at a radar meeting…


Coping with Covid-19

The Covid-19 outbreak is getting more serious. With offices in China, we’ve already been affected and have taken various measures across our global business. Here’s what we’ve learned so far…


An introduction to time series forecasting 

Despite its almost ubiquitous use in the business industry and social sciences, time series analysis and by extension time series forecasting is one of the least understood machine learning methods…

GitHub integration machine-learning source code management

Introducing GitHub Source Code Management for Algorithmia

As a data scientist or machine learning engineer, your specialty is building out robust machine learning models. Your purpose is to make a positive impact on your business by offering…

DevOps machine-learning time series data

Time series data analysis advances DevOps

Time series data, the key data points that have an associated timestamp allowing indexing in time order, are in most cases INSERT-intensive, requiring specialized time series databases as opposed to…


Product-Service Partnerships

When customer companies buy software products, they usually need skilled staff to install them. This staff is usually provided by a service provider company, since software product vendors don’t find…


Bliki: OutcomeOverOutput

Imagine a team writing software for a shopping website. If we look at the team’s output, we might consider how many new features they produced in the last quarter, or…